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How many hours do you spend shopping for jeans that "kinda" fit, wishing they were just a little

Frustration! No longer!

UJeans has revolutionized how consumers shop for jeans and how stores sell them. Made-to-measure clothing is usually confined to men's suits and women's bridalwear. UJeans created a way for anyone to own a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, customized to their own measurements, designed by the you, the consumer. Customers can now create their own fashion line, inspired by Hollywood or their own imagination. By placing creative control into the hands of the consumer, you can get the exact jeans you want, every time. It doesn't matter on the style you create or the "size" of your jeans the cost is only $140

Just like playing with building blocks, customers select the individual "blocks" that will make up their pair of jeans. Select the rise and choose a pocket style. Do you need a button-fly or zipper? How about the legs? Straight or classic? How about a flare or boot-cut? The combinations are almost endless.

You can't go wrong with the our price and money back guarantee, US $140 for made-to-measure, any style jeans (shipping is $10.00 within Canada, $15.00 for the US and $27.00 Internationally) If for any reason you don't like your UJeans, simply return them to us within 30 days of receiving them and you'll get you money back (less shipping and handling).